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Hello, my name is Chad Champoux

As a young individual, my fascination with cameras and the art they produced was evident. I developed a profound passion for photography when I watched my grandmother skillfully capture the world around us with a video camera that weighed more than me. This ignited a unique and personal drive within me.


Throughout high school, I explored various forms of visual arts and honed my skills, nurturing my love for photography. After graduating from the Hallmark Institute of Photography, I embarked on my professional journey as a photographer. My goal was to share my passion with others, creating art that can be cherished in their favorite spaces or capturing cherished moments with their loved ones.


Over the course of 15 years behind the lens, I witnessed the constant evolution in the photography world. However, I felt a calling to explore new horizons. In 2013, I seized an opportunity to follow another passion of mine and ventured into the craft beer industry. While it became my primary source of income, it also allowed me to travel, experience the world, and connect with incredible individuals who shared the same passion for this craft.


This unique combination of discovering the world and forging connections with diverse people has given me a distinct vision and an intriguing perspective. Most importantly, it has taught me to appreciate and find beauty in even the simplest of moments.


Hello, I am Chad Champoux, and I am excited about the prospect of sharing my art with you and perhaps even creating lasting memories over a few shared beers.



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