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Since his fascination with photography as a teenager, Chad has become one of the emerging young artists of the next generation of imagery. Utilizing some of today's most sophisticated digital photography gear, editing and rendering software, as well as versatile experience in their uses, Chad offers his clients assurance of the highest possible quality production of images. 

These traits combine with his flexibility & adaptability on site - while maintaining his focus on customer satisfaction – and together represent his professional hallmark.

"As an artist, my commitment is to provide you with photographs that contain a
balance between capture and creation. I began my journey into photography
with my passion for sharing what could be seen physically (with the eyes);
though that passion remains, I now focus on sharing what can only be seen
emotionally or spiritually (with the heart). That is my mission and
largest goal in life, which I am most pleased to be able to share with you
here and now."

Boasting a broad spectrum of genres and styles, with successful projects
shot in Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, it's no wonder why businesses and individuals seeking something new and fresh seek
 Chad Champoux Photography. 

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